NYTF : les Playmates Half Shell Heroes

Playmates n’en finit plus de proposer de nouvelles gammes : à la New York Toy Fair, le fabricant de jouet a dévoilé ses figurines adressées aux plus jeunes, la gamme Half Shell Heroes. Il s’agit d’action figures de 2,5″, soit 6,5 cm. En plus des quatre tortues, les vilains seront de la partie, tout comme des véhicules et un playset, tout comme une grosse figurine de Leonardo.

Half Shell Heroes

Voici le communiqué officiel :

For the first time, kids as young as three can join in non-stop Ninja fun. The all-new Half Shell Heroes segment includes action figures, vehicles and playsets, sized just right for preschool hands. It allows little ones to enjoy open-ended imaginative play adventures with the whole family of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles heroes and mutants.


The line includes an assortment of 2.5” action figures, including Leo with Luge, Mikey with Skateboard and Raph with Mini Cycle. The Shellraiser, the renowned Turtles group vehicle, is also featured in the line, allowing preschoolers to drive the Turtles into their next battle.  Additionally, the Secret Sewer HQ Playset with Mikey and Splinter is packed with exciting Ninja action features, allowing little ones to engage in endless Ninja play.   Rounding out the line is the Mega Mutant Leonardo, which allows little ones to practice ninja training with Leonardo as they control his ninja kicks and chops.

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